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A question mark drawn with chalk.
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Welcome back to this series on sex after spinal cord injury (SCI)....
Jan 26, 2023READ MORE
A rainbow appears at the end of a path.
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1 in 5 Canadians experience mental health related issues every year in Canada, and individuals with a spinal cord injury (SCI) ...
Jan 25, 2023READ MORE
Tiles in the sand of a sun pointing toward happiness.
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Il est parfois difficile pour les personnes qui ont des lésions médullaires de recevoir les mêmes soins médicaux de la part de ...
Jan 24, 2023READ MORE
A chalk board with Questions and Answers written on it.
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I sustained my spinal cord injury (SCI) the day after I turned 16. I had some sexual experience, but I also had a lot more to......
Oct 27, 2022READ MORE
Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent shaking John Counsell's hand.
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The Caliper - Mars 1947...
Aug 17, 2022READ MORE
a head and shoulder photo of a young Lt. John Counsell in military atire
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L’histoire qui suit est une fiction historique, basée sur des recherches de nombreuses ...
Aug 17, 2022READ MORE
Doctor points out the bladder on a platic body model
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In around 80 percent of people who have spinal cord injuries, their bladder function is affected....
Mar 31, 2022READ MORE
A woman using a wheelchair looks out the door to an uncertain world. Masks are on the ground. The virus still exists and Freedom Convoy protesters are there.
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The past two years, living in this global pandemic as a person with a disability, has been more difficult than the average pers...
Mar 11, 2022READ MORE
hands in gloves making the shape of a heart
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The folks at SCI BC have put together this great resource featuring peer-reviewed winter gloves....
Feb 16, 2022READ MORE
Happy skeleton sitting on a bench with two skeleton dogs jumping up to say "hi".
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In most people, bones start getting thinner and weaker within weeks of a spinal cord injury. A broken bone can have a huge impact......
Feb 15, 2022READ MORE
Woman using wheelchair stuck at the bottom of stairs with no accessible route available.
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As someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI), I always tell people that living with an SCI in your own home is not that......
Feb 07, 2022READ MORE
A man with a spinal cord injury plays ball with his son.
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If you’re one of the 86,000 Canadians who live with a spinal cord injury, odds are good you can expect to see your senior years. ...
Jan 31, 2022READ MORE
A partner in their wheelchair and their girlfriend out for a walk by the bay, crossing a bridge. It is nighttime and they are reflecting in the light.  By Alexandria Shannon, Oct. 2021.
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I am here to help you build a picture of what dating with an SCI may look like for you. Specifically, in this blog, I will be......
Jan 24, 2022READ MORE
a close up picture of nerves
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For most people with a spinal cord injury (SCI), the inability to walk is often not the largest “SCI worry.” Instead, secondary......
Aug 16, 2021READ MORE
Billboard road sign with the words Employment Just Ahead
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We are looking to fill the following positions: Business Development Officer, Marketing Project Officer and Image Creation......
Jun 14, 2021READ MORE
Loose leaf tea, lemon grass and a tea pot with a white background
SCI Resource
Cup of Té is a company started by Taylor Lyndsey-Noel. It offers quality organic teas and teaware. Cup of Té products are so good......
Apr 26, 2021READ MORE