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SCI Canada - A Brief History

We have a proud, rich history. Established by WWII veterans from across the country, Spinal Cord Injury Canada honours the work of our founders. We continue to provide services and support so that individuals and families adjust, adapt and thrive.

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An alarm clock ringing with the words "Tax Time" on the side of the clock.
Blog Post
Having a disability is expensive. Here are ways to get some of your money back at tax time.
Apr 10, 2024READ MORE
Man with quadriplegia using a manual wheelchair reaches for the sink tap over a kitchen counter.
Blog Post
A big bonus of the ever-evolving smart tech in the mainstream market is that it often brings more options – and independence – to people with disabilities.
Mar 22, 2024READ MORE
Road to Recovery written on a blue background.
SCI Resource
Check out Julie Sawchuck's Road Map to Recovery ebook.
Sep 13, 2023READ MORE

Our mission is to assist people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self reliance and full community participation.

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