Books stacked on their sides with the words 'Covid-19 What You Need To Know' written on the spines
The Coronavirus is a greater concern for people living with a spinal cord injury as they often have a harder time with breathing and lung function. This information sheet has been put together to help you...
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A woman using a wheelchair looks out the door to an uncertain world. Masks are on the ground. The virus still exists and Freedom Convoy protesters are there.

The past two years, living in this global pandemic as a person with a disability, has been more difficult than the average person realize

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Man holding bulletin board in front of his face with an unhappy face drawn on the board
Depression is not just "feeling bummed out". It is a serious medical condition and it is pretty common among people with spinal cord injuries.
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Covid-19 and SCI Whitepaper written on white paper
The North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium (NASCIC) developed a whitepaper of all current evidence-based information and knowledge about COVID-19 related to people living with SCI.
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The background is cherries on a tablecloth. Sitting on the table cloth is a book entitled How to Be Alone. On the book is a tiny rocking  chair. A human hand is across the image reaching over to rock the tiny chair on the book
A tender and profound animation on the theme of isolation.
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Carla Qualtrough at a desk
On July 17, 2020, the Government of Canada announced a one-time $600 payment in recognition of the extraordinary expenses faced by people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Keyboard with "new normal" button in Canada's red and white
The current COVID-19 quarantine measures have presented additional challenges to receiving care; advanced safety protocols having a disproportionate effect on many people living with disabilities
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Person lying in hospital bed with respirator unable to talk to doctors
Patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus) who need communication tools and supports due to speech-related disabilities face greater risks of discrimination and isolation during this pandemic.
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Man using power chair on the street wearing a mask

SCI BC regularly has online peer meet-ups through their Reach Out program.

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corona virus image
Find the latest COVID-19 information on the Government of Canada public health webpage.
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