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Welcome back to this series on sex after spinal cord injury (SCI). I am thrilled that you chose to read part two of this series.

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I sustained my spinal cord injury (SCI) the day after I turned 16. I had some sexual experience, but I also had a lot more to experience. I had many questions about sexual intimacy that no one on my medical team could answer. Hopefully, this blog series can provide you with some answers.
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A partner in their wheelchair and their girlfriend out for a walk by the bay, crossing a bridge. It is nighttime and they are reflecting in the light.  By Alexandria Shannon, Oct. 2021.
I am here to help you build a picture of what dating with an SCI may look like for you. Specifically, in this blog, I will be discussing the interesting world of online dating with a disability.
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Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has always been about making life with SCI easier and increasing knowledge around disability and accessibility

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This resource, created by a team of rehabilitation clinicians and people living with spinal cord injuries from Vancouver Coastal Health,

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A team of sexual health clinicians and specialists in Vancouver, BC provide sexual health services, education and research.

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