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Il est parfois difficile pour les personnes qui ont des lésions médullaires de recevoir les mêmes soins médicaux de la part de leur médec

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Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent shaking John Counsell's hand.

The Caliper - Mars 1947

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L’histoire qui suit est une fiction historique, basée sur des recherches de nombreuses so

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A woman using a wheelchair looks out the door to an uncertain world. Masks are on the ground. The virus still exists and Freedom Convoy protesters are there.

The past two years, living in this global pandemic as a person with a disability, has been more difficult than the average person realize

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Woman using wheelchair stuck at the bottom of stairs with no accessible route available.
As someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI), I always tell people that living with an SCI in your own home is not that difficult when it is accessible. Instead, it is existing in public settings with an SCI that seems to make life with an SCI difficult.
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Head and shoulder shot of Ramona Coelho, physician
The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation hosts the Grand Rounds for Physiaitry Western. This zoom presentation will be about Bill C-7. The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Ramona Coelho, Please join the discussion about Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).
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Head and shoulder shot of David Shannon - article about Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)
Read this compelling OpEd piece about medical assistance in dying (MAiD) published in The Chronicle Herald, The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer.
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Bill Adair presents at a media event regarding proposed changes to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Bill C-7
Physiatrists and people with SCI spoke to the media via Zoom about proposed legislative changes to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) via Bill C-7.
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I was recently asked to speak at the Government of Canada's webinar titled "Engaging with All Canadians Effectively in the Government Communications". Attended by over 900 public service employees...
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Never before in Canadian history, has a federal government had a Disability Inclusion Plan in the Throne Speech with the commitment to a "new Canadian Disability Benefit modelled after the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors".
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