close up of a scholarship application with the word approved across the paper.
The Thomas O. Parker Scholarship supports a person with an SCI who has applied for entry into a program or course with a Canadian post-secondary educational and/or training institution.
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Books stacked on their sides with the words 'Covid-19 What You Need To Know' written on the spines
The Coronavirus is a greater concern for people living with a spinal cord injury as they often have a harder time with breathing and lung function. This information sheet has been put together to help you...
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A hand holding a megaphone.

If you’ve been living with your disability for some time, you’ve probably learned how to stand up for yourself in all kinds o

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A doctor holding multiple kinds of pills.
Is your list of prescription drugs a lengthy one? People with spinal cord injuries tend to take many more medications than other folks their age,
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an image of people with and without disabilities together
Never before in Canadian history, has a federal government had a Disability Inclusion Plan in the Throne Speech with the commitment to a "new Canadian Disability Benefit modelled after the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors".
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graph going up and down wit ha heart in the middle
Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) is a potentially life-threatening complication of spinal cord injury at T6 or above.
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A woman lying in a hospital bed

Spinal Cord Injury Manitoba has a booklet entitled A Guide to Pressure Ulcer Prevention.

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doctor holding up card that says 'pain management'

In March 2019, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario hosted a certified webcast on neuropathic pain for primary care providers in partnership w

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sticks and flowers shaped to form lungs

SCI Alberta offers a course on respiratory care.

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Woman helping a woman with a cane walk across a room at home

SCI Alberta offers a course on personal care activities relating to spinal cord injury, with a focus on helping individuals maintain

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