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Please tick off which scholarships you are interested in applying for this year.

The Chopnick Hilliard Scholarship is open to any post-secondary student who has a spinal cord injury and who is living in Canada. There is one scholarship worth $1,500.

The Sun Life Financial Scholarship is open to any post-secondary student with a spinal cord injury who is living in Canada and who is also a peer support volunteer with one of SCI/CPA corporate members. To be eligible, you will need a letter of support from your corporate member stating that you are a peer support volunteer. There is one scholarship worth $1,500.

The Kirby Rowe Scholarship is established in memory of William Kirby Rowe, who provided outstanding and valued leadership throughout his career to advance access and inclusion for people with disabilities in Canada. One Kirby Rowe Scholarship of $1,000 is available annually to a student with a spinal cord injury to pursue post-secondary education in fields related to management and leadership. Prior to submitting an application, you are asked to learn more about the illustrious career of Kirby Rowe by reading his short biography at: You are required to submit a letter addressing the following items: Your personal history and leadership experience to date; career aspirations as a leader; identification of an inspirational leader, and as well, highlight the qualities of that leader you aspire to develop.

The Thomas O. Parker Scholarship supports a person who has applied for entry into a program or course with a Canadian post-secondary educational and/or training institution. The program or course must promote your career development. The financial assistance is for anticipated expenses associated with your participation in the program or course. Applicants must have a spinal cord injury, be a resident of Canada, and have officially and successfully graduated from a secondary school or equivalent. The scholarship is $1,500.

DEADLINE: MAY 31, at midnight.

Applicants must meet all of the following criterial to be eligible.

  1. The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  2. The applicant must be attending, or will be attending, a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada.
  3. The applicant has provided a copy of his/her most recent two years of transcripts (unless the applicant has not been in school for the past five years).
  4. One letter of reference is required, recognizing the applicant’s outstanding initiative, scholastic achievement and contributions to the community.
  5. For the Sun Life Financial Peer Support Scholarship, the applicant must be engaged as a peer volunteer with one of the SCI Canada Federation Corporate Members and MUST provide a letter of support from the organization.
Personal Information
Educational Information
What courses are you planning to take in each semester this school year?
Financial Information
Please provide one reference letter. The letter should address the applicant’s outstanding initiative, scholastic achievement and potential contributions to their community.


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