Living with SCI

image of a spinal cord

This resource, created by a team of rehabilitation clinicians and people living with spinal cord injuries from Vancouver Coastal Health, G.F. Strong Rehab Centre and SCI BC provides the information needed to manage your life after spinal cord injury. They provide the basic information you need to be informed and to understand what you will learn in rehab about how your body works after spinal cord injury. Being informed about your specific type and level of spinal cord injury, as well as some of the details of how it affects your bowel, bladder and other systems, will help you learn to understand when something goes wrong and when to seek help, and will allow you to develop an understanding of what “normal” looks like for you after injury. These resources have been reviewed by rehabilitation clinicians to be a credible source for people living with spinal cord injuries and their families, and useful for those who care for them.