Innovation Think Tank Project Overview

Letters twisted to spell think tank

 Back in 2016/17, the Canadian Access and Inclusion Project (CAIP) was created and included a partnership of 31 not-for-profit organizations. Together, many people and organizations gave feedback to the Federal Government about barriers and solutions, and which important parts should be included in Bill C-81 - which became the Accessible Canada Act. 

In November 2017, 31 CAIP Project Council member organizations along with politicians, private sector representatives and key decision-makers gathered in Ottawa for a 3-day meeting to deliberate about the attitudes that the general public have toward people with disabilities The group was challenged to develop bold, innovative solutions that go beyond policy, legislation and regulations. The goal was to find ways to cause a shift in Canada's culture to have more people passionately value, and actively include, people with a broad range of disabilities in communities across Canada. In advance of the Innovation Think Tank, there was a tremendous amount of work done to set the stage for success.

This report outlines the details of the process, presentations and findings.