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As luck would have it, we have three tales for you. 

In celebration of Spinal Cord Injury Canada’s 75th anniversary, three people have agreed to share a deeply personal story with you. Bev, Dave and Bill have very different relationships with the spinal cord injury community. Yet, each of them shares a bond through the tragedy and triumph of the very intimate, spinal-cord-injury experience.  

Each storyteller is willing to write openly to support people with spinal cord injuries and their families, but there is one catch. To read these stories, a donation is required. 

In doing so, you are assuring that people with spinal cord injuries across the country get the programs and support they need. You will be ensuring that triumph trumps tragedy. 

Thank you in advance for your generous financial gift.  

Stories that are Worth It!

head and shoulders shot of Dave in suit jacket, blue shirt and tie
Incurious Clouds Have Lingered
Dave's Story
For those of you who really know me, you know I'm an artist at heart. In high school, I couldn't wait for the yearly play. I loved the creative experience, the people, the challenge of memorizing lines, and the thrill of the opening night followed by the bitter-sweet memories made at the cast party. At age 18, I began studying theatre at the University of Waterloo. I've always liked the idea of slipping into a new persona, like trying on a new sweater to see how it fits. Wearing it, buttoning it up and then down, putting a hanky and small change in the pockets, until it feels like your own. That what it was like for me to take on a new role in a production of a play.
SCI fundraiser Bev's Story
We All Find Our Purpose
Bev's Story
I grew up in England. After getting my A-levels, I entered Physiotherapy College. At that time in the United Kingdom, most physiotherapy schools and colleges were associated with teaching hospitals. A few years after my schooling, the training went to universities. The path from school to college/university and then straight into a career was common in the UK. I was 21 when I graduated and began my career as a physiotherapist.
Bill sitting in a wicker chair by the window
Bill's Story
I am, and always have been, a pacifist. In fact, any type of conflict makes me quite uncomfortable. This being said, when my passion rises, I don’t back down. Truth be told, I actually like this quality in me, and I like it in others, too. My passion has guided me through my life mostly in the right direction, but maybe in this particular case, I could have cared a little less. Ah, but then we would not have the tale I am about to tell.