Spinal Cord Injury Canada's Board of Directors

We are ever grateful to the following people who volunteer their time and energy to the Board of Directors of Spinal Cord Injury Canada. These are elected positions.


  • Mark Lamoureux (Ontario) – Co-Chair
  • Ed Milligan (British Columbia) – Co-Chair and Vice Chair
  • Lynn Archdekin (Saskatchewan) – Secretary
  • Lynn Curtis-Williams (Nova Scotia) – Treasurer
  • Ned Shillington (Alberta)
  • John Wyndells (Manitoba)
  • Tony Dolan (Prince Edward Island)
  • Glenda Best (Newfoundland and Labrador)


Spinal Cord Injury Canada has appointed the following non-elected, staff leaders:

  • Chris McBride (British Columbia) – Executive Directors’ Council Chair
  • Bill Adair – Executive Director


Spinal Cord Injury Canada

477 Mt Pleasant Rd, Suite 105, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4S 2L9
Bill Adair, Executive Director
(416) 200-5814